Protégé Game Studios a 'Hybrid' video game development studio that creates commercial video games and teaches others how to make them. Contact us now for a demo of our online products or tour our unique Studio-Classroom showroom for Middle and High School students!

Protégé is a fun, engaging environment that teaches kids to young adults computer technologies. We use video games to 'hook' the imagination and teach skills for the 21st century.

We inspire students to pursue a life of learning and broaden their range of creative skills.

What Is Protege

Protégé has partnered with top K-20 educational schools on teacher certified curriculum and research projects to create true immersive Project Based Learning products.
Protégé has developed a unique learning program built around a proven system of Play and Create called SiGHT which builds computer and creative skills and talent using video game development.
Member Talent
Protégé is a about discovering your area of interest, developing it into a skill that can ultimately be a marketable talent.
Robot Player Model Angle Pose
Protégé is a creative 'digital' arts development studio with a wide range of commercially developed applications.

Commercial Development Focus

Digital Asset Development
2D/3D Video Game Development
Game Based Learning Experiences
Research Projects