EdVentureman game

Game Development Platform for Student Inspired Learning

EdVentureman is Protege's learning platform for Middle and High School students to learn how to code with basic game design, 2D graphics and animation and sound development.

game design

Game Design Platform

Students learn how to design and construct their own video game using their own created digital assets to like graphics, animation, and sound.

level design

Learning to Code

Students will learn how to code using the world's most popular programming language called JavaScript that can program web and mobile applications.

student game development

Learning Graphics and Animation

Graphic and animation development is part of the EdVentureman learning platform that teaches students with hands-on learning.

EdVentureman Comic Book for Graphic Artists and Story Tellers

There is also an optional EdVentureman digital comic book available for graphic artists and story writers. Please contact us for more information about the comic book option.

Category: Game Development Learning

Client: Schools and Students

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Protege Game Studios created a powerful game engine platform called EdVentureman that students all over the world can access to create their own video games. The EdVentureman game engine that only requires a browser to run and free and easily availble tools online to download or use to develop.