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    Middle and High school students can now earn graduation credits while building video games!

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    Protégé provides the environment, curriculum, tools, and teacher training for schools looking to host their own Video Game Studio Classroom.

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Welcome to Protégé Game Studios

We are a 'Hybrid' video game development studio that creates commercial video games and teaches others how to make them. We are a creative technology studio using video game development as a platform for Educators, Schools, and Students.

Video Game Development for Schools

create play studio

We combine a video game studio environment with engaging content, delivery, and tools. Protégé has hit on the perfect formula for engaging the next generation of learners. The Protégé Studio-Classroom is the perfect platform to engage and ‘hook’ your students into learning 21st century skills. Contact us now for a demo of Protégé educational products or arrange a tour of our working Studio-Classroom!

Studio Classroom

The environment is one of the most important aspects of our studio-classroom product package, it's the ‘immersion’ that students need to feel engaged and creative.

Certified Curriculum

Video Game development is the ‘hook’ that keeps students interested while learning computer science, project management, design and creative disciplines.

Teacher Training

We guarantee that teachers and schools will be ‘successful’ when they run our Game Development Studio at their school.

Work with a video game development studio!

Members at Studio

Protege’s learning system is built around a system of 'Play' and 'Create' to build knowledgeable skills and ultimately talent for the computer and creative industries. We have a proven course program designed and built for Middle and High School students looking for a career in video game development. We provide professional curriculum, tools, and support provided by Protege Game Studio developers and educators.

Our system starts with quick wins using simple game templates or content that the student will quickly scaffold to build video game engines or create digital content like 3D game models and animation that can be used in video games or interactive applications. Students learn programming, graphics (2D/3D), animation, sound creation, game design and project management skills. Certification course is an option for students who want to pursue a professionally recognized certification.

Curriculum sample

Video Game Development and Design Level I
Video Game Development and Design Level II
3D Modeling/Animation and Game Development Segment A
3D Modeling/Animation and Game Development Segment B
Professional Video Game Development
Professional Capstone Project


As someone who was new to programming, I have grown emensly under the help and support of the Protege network.
Marshal B.
Protege has introduced me to so many different tools for creating. The group projects are a great push to make some artistic content.
Faith R.

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Protégé Commercial Development


R.O.B.O.T.S (Spawner vs Shooter)

Protégé Studios' epic Spawner vs Shooter defender game “R.O.B.O.T.S.” is a traditional first person shooting game with a twist. It’s a multiplayer FPS with a top-down strategy spawner game mechanic.
Robots Player

Game Development

Protege is first and foremost a video game development company that builds unique game experiences and developer tools. We have experience building across multiple platforms and technologies.

Adventureman Monster

Asset Development

Protege has a talented group of digital content developers for your next project, contact us to find out how we can bolster your dev pipeline with asset development talent.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Experiences

Protege has the knowledge and history building interactive ‘learning’ experiences. Protege has worked with education providers from secondary to University building interactive experiences that are engaging.

VR PGS Blocks Game

AR/VR Development

Protege has the Augmented and Virtual Reality development talent and experience to take your next project to the next level. Contact us now to find out how Protege can help!

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Our partners

Protege partners with the best in education, working with educators from Middle School to High School and through to Universities. We partnered with iCademy Global and Innocademy schools to create a unique hands-on learning environment (Studio-Classroom) that embeds students within a working video game studio. We also partnered with iCademy Global to offer our teacher credited game development programs to all middle and high school students in Michigan.

Working with Universities like Ferris State University we now offer a world class 3D modeling and animation course that High School students can earn college credits to Ferris State's nationally ranked Digital Arts and Game Design program. Protege partnered with Kendall College of Art and Design on a unique research project called "Journey to Mars" that investigates using Virtual Reality technology in the classroom. Both Universities we have partnered with Protege's Internship program.